Dunks And Dumplings

Ling, User Support Specialist

Kanad has been a big fan of the Knicks since he was a kid. He's never gone to a game, so we decided to ball out on good seats to see Knicks vs. Pacers on Halloween.

We grabbed a quick dinner before the game at Dim Sum Palace. Dim sum is one of my favorite meals. I love being able to eat a little bit of everything and not have to commit to one main entree. Plus, if you go to the right locations, it's cheap. Unfortunately, Dim Sum Palace is not one of these locations (which makes sense considering it's right by Times Square). We ordered eight small plates, six of which were dumpling dishes. The service was quick and the food was decent. I took a gamble ordering the pineapple cheese wontons but they turned out to be pretty good!

After dinner, we walked over to Madison Square Garden. Our seats were at the baseline risers, across from the scorers' table (aka pretty close to the court). It was cool being able to see the players warm up and let just how ginormous they all are sink in. The energy in the stadium was incredible. I expected a lot more people to be in costume for Halloween, but at least most people came repping their team. There are plenty of activities and performances to keep the crowd entertained when the game is paused. We didn't win any cash prizes or catch any t-shirts, but it was fun to participate nonetheless. At halftime, we got to see performance painter, David Garibaldi, paint a portrait of Michael Jackson. The Knicks lost 101-107 but it was a close game all night and they really put up a fight.

Cost: $330.80