Hiking Along The Hudson

Sam, COO

As Bobby Frost once said, when two roads diverge in a yellow wood, the road less travelled will be more Instagramable. So, Lindsey and I decided to rent a car and hike the lesser-known loop just south of Breakneck Ridge called Bull Run.

Bull Run is a 4-ish mile loop that starts with a surprisingly steep 1200 ft vertical climb. After a brief exercise in trust rebuilding and cartography, we managed to bushwack our way to the top of the mountain. My favorite part was when we came face-to-face w an 8-point buck.

As we made our way down, we overheard someone talking about their Hinge date! Other highlights include here some nice babbling brooks and the ruins of a couple houses we thought the Property Brothers might be able to turn into more of a modern, open concept.

Highly recommend a day hike to get some fresh air and rock some sporty athleisure gear. We’ve got a hikers high that is at least 3x that of a SoulCycle class and that has made all the difference.

Cost: $195 for car rental and lunch