Human's Best Friend Puppy Pop-Up

Lucia, VP Community

Hugo (my doggo) , Andrew (my Hinge date - this was our second date), Louis (Andrew’s doggo), and I went to the Human’s Best Friend Pop Up. Imagine Refinery 29’s 29 Rooms but for puppies. The dogs had an absolute blast playing in a giant pit full of puppy toys.

There were treats galore (Hugo was mega into the steak treats but he spat out the vegan dog treats, which I found amusing) and endless Instagram opportunities. We basically roamed around this doggy funhouse and watched our dogs go wild over all the toys and treats.

We left the dogs at Andrew’s apartment (they were exhausted!) and headed to Huertas - a Basque inspired tapas restaurant in the East Village. We opted for their tasting menu with alcohol and were treated to about eight courses and four drink pairings. Favorites included the pork croquettes and balsamic glazed octopus.

We had one of the best dates I’ve ever been on. We both share a passion for our dogs and for adventurous eating, so it was awesome to explore those passions together. The puppy pop up was ludicrously fun, and the tasting menu allowed us to try foods and drinks from a region we were both unfamiliar with.

Cost: $93 per person