Sojo Spa

Michelle, Designer

After a weekend of Halloween partying, I planned a Sunday date to Sojo Spa in New Jersey for a day of detoxing. Sojo Spa is a Korean bath house with a variety of pools, specialty baths, and saunas. They offer a free shuttle bus from Port Authority, which was super convenient for us.

We hopped on the bus at 10am and arrived at this beautiful resort-like building. After paying our entrance fees, we were given wristbands that would unlock a little locker for our shoes (you can’t wear shoes indoors here). We then went up the elevators and parted ways as we went into the gendered change rooms. They give you robes that you must wear as you’re wandering around the different saunas and pools. There were a few hot hot saunas with temperatures up to 200 degrees, which might sound like death, but it’s actually really relaxing to lay down for a few minutes and sweat it out. Afterwards, you can jump into the ice room to cool down. Each room is labeled with its benefits for your body. My favorite was the charcoal room, which claimed to give you relief from headache, backache, and arthritis, while increasing metabolism and energy.

You can really spend an entire day here. They have food options ranging from sushi to pizza and a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. You can also pay extra to get a massage or facial, but I just opted to bring my own face masks to use.

The highlight of the place had to be a heated outdoor infinity pool that overlooked Manhattan. Even though I had planned to turn the day into a digital detox day, I had to take a few pics for memories.

I would highly recommend this place as a way to get out of the city and decompress for the day. It was really refreshing, both physically and mentally to be in a place that was all about relaxation and rejuvenation. As a date spot, I liked that we both were able to step away from our daily distractions which gave us the chance to really enjoy each other’s company.

Cost: $130